What we are about

S R Davis Architects

We are architects first and foremost, designing and delivering projects of quality and value. Dedicated to the highest levels of service we put our clients at the centre of any project, ensuring their needs are met in terms of quality, cost and time

We take the traditional role of the architect, leading the team to a successful conclusion with professionalism and committment. At the core of any architectural practice are its people. How we conduct ourselves with our clients, in our offices and on site sets us apart. Always respectful and cooperative we take a collaborative approach to all we do from inception to project completion.

We are acutely commercially aware and we take more time to discover exactly what is required and then put our energy into delivering it. We assist the client in decision making, always open and always honest.

Working across all sectors, our designs are contemporary and sustainable with a timeless quality. With meticulous attention to detail, we take a collaborative approach to the complex art of project management. Our buildings perform on many levels, from aesthetics and function to buildability and cost.

In addition to architecture, we also provide services in masterplanning, urban, landscape and interior design, heritage and conservation and project management.